• Opportunities for collaboration with industry

    NEL is also part of Monash University's BioPRIA Institute, which is focussed on working with industry to undertake translational research projects to develop products in the diagnostics, pharma, life sciences and specialty chemicals fields. Our specific expertise in NEL is the design of molecular/wearable/implantable sensors, and the characterisation of the materials and molecules involved in the devices.

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    Contract Research

    We have a network of highly trained scientists, project managers and project leaders who perform and deliver well-designed contract research projects for a range of clients.


    Working with NEL and BioPRIA gives you direct access to world-class research infrastructure to solve important problems for your business.

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    Joint Research

    How healthy is your product pipeline? What are the big questions about the long-term sustainability of your operations?


    NEL and BioPRIA have expertise, experience and a successful track record of receiving government funding for industry-academia collaborations (e.g. ARC Linkages, Hubs, NHMRC Dev) to solve key questions and develop new products

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    Licensing of new IP

    Are you looking to license innovative IP to drive innovation in your Dx, pharma or life sciences portfolios? Looking to work with the IP developers to generate your competitive advantage?


    NEL and BioPRIA are constantly looking to identify and protect novel IP, focussing on those concepts that we know are important based on our discussions with industry partners. We want to license this IP as a funding stream for new research - and are always interested in new partners to join us

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