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One month to go - PhD Scholarships for 2020!

Are you finishing up your Hons year and looking for a new challenge for PhD? Are you a dual eng/sci student looking to undertake a PhD? Are you a science student looking for something different for your Hons year?

At the NEL, we have recruited students from engineering, chemistry, molecular biology and medicine to undertake challenging PhD projects leading to the creation of new biosensing and bioimaging devices, using a combination of nanotechnology and molecular biology (biochem/micro). Each PhD student has a supervisory team that spans faculties, so that they have access to at least two specialist research groups and their infrastructure. For example, current PhD students include:

Ms Vidhishri Kesarwani - a joint student with Ana Traven's lab in Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Vhidi is a Monash ChemE graduate who is designing nanoparticle-based biosensors for early detection of bloodstream fungal infections.

Ms Julia Walker - a joint student with Kristian Kempe's lab at Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Julia is a Monash Chemistry (HonsI) graduate who is designing nanoparticle-based biosensors which can be detected and monitored over long time periods using ultrasound techniques.

Mr Edward Henderson - a joint student with Magda Plebanski's group at RMIT (Immunology), Ed is a Monash BE(Hons) graduate who is designing bioassays and imaging tools to advance understanding of ovarian cancers.

Mr Gabriel Tai Huynh - a joint student with Lawrence Meagher and Jess Frith (Monash Engineering), Gabriel is developing a group of nanoparticle-based sensors to monitor the health of cultured cells in 3D culture systems.

Alumni - PhD students supervised by Dr Corrie have found fantastic opportunities in both academia and industry. Dr Jacob Coffey is currently an NHMRC-funded Fellow working in Prof Bob Langer's group at MIT, developing new drug delivery devices. Dr Kye Robinson developed a range of optical pH sensors and recently won a Fellowship to join Prof Eric Bakker's group at the University of Geneva. Mr Jiaul Islam (PhD under examination) developed biosensors for cancer and cardiac biomarkers from engineered antibodies, and he recently took up a position at CSL in Melbourne.