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NEL Researchers interviewed about breakthrough COVID19 serology tests on prime time news

Dr Corrie and Vidhi Kesarwani recently appeared on 9news and 7news to talk about the ChemE/BioPRIA COVID19 Diagnostics Taskforce, and their gel card test, following the online publication of our latest paper in ACS Sensors. NEL researchers teamed up with BioPRIA researchers in the Monash ChemE department to work through the April/May lockdown period to produce a COVID19 antibody test that used blood-typing infrastructure to quickly detect antibodies (20 minutes) at high throughput (100's samples/hour).

The next stage of the project will be to test many more samples and lock in a commercial partnership to manufacture the test at scale. There are already a number of companies that produce blood-typing test components for use all around the world.

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