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COVID19 Diagnostics - funding from the Centre to Impact AMR and Monash Engineering

Based on the rapid progress of our COVID19 Diagnostics Taskforce, and the importance of developing robust, rapid, and scalable serology assays, the Monash Centre to Impact AMR and Monash Engineering have provided much needed funding to keep several key staff working on this critical project for the rest of 2020. Specifically, this funding will provide jobs for Ms Julia Walker and Ms Vidhi Kesarwani - NEL PhD students - who have submitted their PhDs and are now looking for the next step in their careers. Its a very difficult time to find postdoc jobs, so we are thrilled to be able to support these two outstanding scientists, and we are lucky to have highly skilled and motivated scientists to keep pushing this work. In the near future we hope to secure funding deals both for rapid commercial development of the COVID19 serology tests, and also for the longer-term research on using similar platforms for new applications.