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Congratulations to Emily Rose, Callum, Avi, and Tom on successfully completing their final year project!

What a fantastic accomplishment for Emily Rose, Callum, Avi, and Tom! They have successfully completed their final year project and deserve a huge round of applause. Emily-Rose and Callum truly shone and won the department FYP poster prize with their incredible work on point-of-care tests for stroke treatment diagnostics. Their contribution is simply outstanding! Avi is no less impressive with his great FYP project that he completed in just one semester. He has managed to express engineered enzymes that degrade a common herbicide, which is truly remarkable. And let's not forget about Tom, who has done a magnificent job with his final year project, focusing on the landfill burden of COVID rat tests. His work is so impressive that it's on the way to publication! Well done to all of them!


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