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Brief look back at 2016

Wow - 2016 was quite a year! February saw Dr Corrie relocating to Monash University and Daniel and Imanda commence their PhD projects, July saw Kye and Jiaul joining Dr Corrie at Monash, and August saw Julia and Vidhi start their PhD projects as well. Its been a fascinating year of coming up with new ideas, trying them out in the lab, writing grants and planning the PhD projects. We also went to the annual CBNS retreat in December, so that the students could meet the other 200 or so scientists involved in this vibrant and innovative centre. I look forward to 2017 being a year of consolidation, publishing our new work, and finding new ways of sensing biomarkers in the body, in implantable devices, or in innovative in vitro devices.

Some highlights include:

  • New PhD students joining Kye and Jiaul - Dan, Imanda, Julia and Vidhi
  • Finding a pair of intrepid Materials Engineering undergraduate students to work in the lab - Ed and Kal
  • Securing new funding from Monash Engineering and MIME to start new projects
  • Dr Corrie's guest editor role for a special "Bionanosensors" issue of Pharmaceutical Research - including an editorial and a review paper published featuring Kye and Jiaul
  • Additional publications in Biomaterials and Langmuir featuring Dr Corrie as senior author