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ARC Centre for BioNano Science Annual Research Symposium 2017

As if it hadn't been busy enough already, 3 weeks after ICBNI, the whole group travelled up to QLD's beautiful Sunshine Coast for the annual research symposium for our ARC Centre of Excellence. It was great to see where the centre has reached at the halfway point - there was a range of fantastic presentations and posters focussing on the evaluation of how nanomaterials interact with biological environments - across a whole host of topics. NEL presented 5 posters as well, on the following topics:

Degradation of organosilica nanosensors - lead author Gabriel Tai Huynh

Biosensor characteristics of organosilica pH nanosensors - lead author Kye Robinson

EK peptide films for antibody-binding and anti-fouling - lead author Julia Walker

Interactions between c. albicans and organosilica nanoparticles - lead author Vidhishri Kesarwani

Antibody fragment as reagentless biosensors - lead author Jiaul Islam

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