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    Developing new measurement and monitoring tools for biomedical and clinical applications.

    COVID19 Diagnostics Taskforce

    NEL takes lead role in developing rapid, scalable COVID19 serology test during lockdown. Here about it from our students in the video below

    Dynamic Solid-State Ultrasound Contrast Agent for Monitoring pH Fluctuations In Vivo

    Julia Walker and colleagues, ACS Sensors

    Rapid Gel Card Agglutination Assays for Serological Analysis Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Humans

    COVID19 Diagnostic Taskforce, Monash Chemical Engineering Department, BioPRIA, NEL, and Monash Health

    Column Agglutination Assay Using Polystyrene Microbeads for Rapid Detection of Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

    Dr Vidhi Kesarwani, Dr Julia Walker and colleagues at Monash Engineering

    Morphology and Composition of Immunodiffusion Precipitin Complexes Evaluated via Microscopy and Proteomics

    Imanda Jayawardene (UQ Chemistry), with colleagues from Monash Engineering and RMIT

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    Following up on our successful paper developing a new COVID19 serology platform using universally...
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