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    PhD Projects - joint projects with groups in Science, MNHS, MIPS faculties:


    Please note that there are two application rounds per year for Monash PhD scholarships, with the following deadlines (https://www.monash.edu/graduate-research/future-students/apply):


    - Australian domestic students: 31 May or 31 October

    - International students: 31 March or 31 August


    Currently we are looking to recruit students with backgrounds and/or interest in molecular biology, antibody/protein engineering, and nanotechnology to develop new biosensors for real-time sensing in medicine, agriculture and food science.


    We are currently looking for top students to join the lab as full-time PhD students. At this time we are particularly interested in people with a background in science and/or engineering. Potential PhD students must win a scholarship to join the lab (further information), either from Monash, or equivalent from elsewhere. Dr Corrie can assist top students with preparing their applications. The earlier you contact us, the better the chance of designing a compelling application, and the better the chances of scholarship success. Upon initial contact, you will receive a request for further information from the Chemical Engineering Department at Monash University, after which Dr Corrie will contact you directly.


    Science Honours Projects - joint projects with groups in Science, MNHS, MIPS faculties:


    In the contact box below, please describe in 100 words or less what subjects you did and did not like in your undergrad program, and why you are interested in an Honours project in our lab.


    We are currently looking for top students in their final year of an undergraduate science program to join us for Honours projects, run jointly with colleagues in Chemistry, MIPS and MBDI. If you are interested in applying your scientific skills to produce new medical devices and sensors, get in touch! This could be perfect for those students looking to go "outside the box" of what their host department currently offers.


    Undergraduate Projects (variable length, including internships, volunteer, summer/winter projects, engineering 4th-year projects):


    In the contact box below, please describe in 50 words or less why you want to work in our lab and where you are up to in your studies.


    We are currently looking for keen undergraduates to help us try out some new ideas. Who knows, you might never leave! If you would like to try your hand at research, and you are undertaking a degree in engineering (chemical, materials, biomedical, electrical) or science (chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biomedical science, microbiology, pharm sciences), please apply. The more time we have to meet and design your project, the more interesting it will be for you. We need at least 2 months notice (in other words, last minute pleas won't be considered!) Don't wait - we can organise projects both in-semester, over summer, and on a volunteer/ad-hoc basis.


    Postdoctoral Scientists


    In the contact box below, please describe in 100 words or less the key outcomes from your PhD or previous positions, your expertise and ideas on how this might fit into the Nanosensor Engineering lab, and your plan to secure salary funding through a Fellowship or equivalent.


    We are currently looking to recruit PhD graduates with their own salary funding (Fellowships, etc) to join us and lead a new project in our lab using their unique skill set. Dr Corrie and the team can assist top applicants in applying for Fellowship funding to join us, and will provide funding for research costs and equipment. The goal behind recruiting postdocs is to identify new projects and fill expertise gaps in the team - ensuring that at the end of the project there is mutual benefit to both the group and the postdoc. If you have a strong background in polymer chemistry, antibody/protein engineering, ultrasound physics, or pre-clinical testing of medical devices, please contact us.

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