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    Developing new measurement and monitoring tools for biomedical and clinical applications.

    New review paper published in ACS Sensors

    Review on case studies and novel scaffold/reporter materials in the field of in vivo biosensing.

    Wearable Immunoassays

    New paper accepted for publication in Langmuir, featuring NEL researchers Simon Corrie and Kye Robinson.

    Nanosensors for monitoring diseases

    Can we design nanosensors to monitor specific tissues in situ to monitor disease progress and response to treatment in real time? Check out our recent poster prestented at the 2016 Annual CBNS Retreat in the Barossa Valley.

    Special issue on "Nano-Bio Interactions" published in Pharmaceutical Research

    Dr Corrie was special guest editor, contributing a review and editorial featuring NEL lab members Kye Robinson and Jiaul Islam, along with collaborator Dr Kris Thurecht.

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